Dhiraagu 3G service not available in Baa Atoll Kihaadhoo


Dhiraagu, the largest telecommunication company in Maldives is still unable to provide 3G service to Baa Atoll Kihaadhoo. Residents of Kihaadhoo have made number of complaints and request to Dhiraagu asking to provide 3G service to the Island. However Dhiraagu never gave a positive answer about when they will be able to provide 3G coverage to Kihaadhoo island. What Dhiraagu always says is that they will let residents know when the service is provided.

The lack of 3G service in Baa Kihaadhoo is one of the biggest concern of the youths especially those who are doing distant education courses. We have seen students carrying their laptops and sitting at the beach to upload their assignments while other search for information at rare spots with limited 3G signal. Most of foreign teachers stay on the harbour breakwater to make Skype or Viber calls to their families at home.

Kihaadhoo Council also made many requests to Dhiraagu about this issue. However we haven’t seen any solution to this problem. Apart from 3G services, Dhiraagu 2G network often fails in the island making the users frustrated and angry. This resulted in many Dhiraagu users switching to Ooredoo Maldives which recently stated their services in Baa Kihaadhoo. Even though Ooredoo did not officially launch 3G service to the island, its speed and signal is better than that of Dhiraagu services.

Dhiraagu, the self claimed number 1 mobile operator in the Maldives was established in 1988 and was monopolising the telecommunication industry till Wataniya Maldives (now Ooredoo Maldives) came in February 2005. Recently Dhiraagu has announced that they are testing and providing 4G coverage in Male’ region.

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