Dhiraagu hosting still doesn’t support php 5.4 or above


Dhiraagu still fails to provide an update on php versions for users hosting their sites on Dhiraagu servers. According to Dhiraagu’s helpdesk, the highest version of php they support is 5.3.3 even though php version 5.6.2 was released on October 16th.

Dhiraagu is the first Maldivian telecommunication company which provides .mv domains and hosts most of the government websites. Despite the fact that the latest version of open source CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal requires php 5.3.10 or above to run the scripts, Dhiraagu keeps their customers in a black hole prone to attacks from hackers and bots. Many government websites still use older version of Joomla and WordPress for which there is no more support from the developer community.

Experts believes that the recent attacks and defacing of Maldivian government websites are due to poor security and maintenance of Dhiraagu servers. In a single event more than 100 Maldivian government websites were defaced and Dhiraagu acknowledged that all those sites were hosted in a single server.

Its a concern from the developer community and many business that support for latest versions of php does not exist when hosted with Dhiraagu. So if you plan to host a business or personal blog, its better to check for alternatives web hosting companies in Maldives. There are much better and cheaper places where you can host your sites without worrying data loss or being hacked.


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