Kihaadhoo island is one of the inhabited islands of Baa Atoll. Located at the northern-central of Baa Atoll, Kihaadhoo is strategic location surrounded by nearby resorts. 7 out of 8 resorts in Baa Atoll are close proximity to Kihaadhoo island. The domestic airport at Dharavandhoo is  about 5 minutes away by speed boat.

The island of Kihaadhoo has a long history and is featured in some of the famous historical stories of the Maldives. Ancestral tales handed down through generations revealed that during pre-historic times, Kihaadhoo was a densely populated island inhabited by Africans. While some of the archaeological sites were discovered on the island, mass graveyards buried beneath the uninhabited side of Kihaadhoo are evidence of a population in the past.

Economic Activities in Kihaadhoo

Similar to other island of Baa Atoll, people of Kihaadhoo also depend on different income sources. A large percentage of youth engages at the tourism sector where others are active in fishing industry. Agriculture is also an important area of income for many of the residents as some of their products are marketed in near by islands such as the capital Eydhafushi. It is very unfortunate that the farmers of Kihaadhoo are unable to sell their products to nearby resorts even though the island is surrounded by high end resorts.

Construction and handicraft is also an important sector for people of Kihaadhoo. The island is famous in the Maldives for making item from reeds or stripes of dried stems of coconut palm trees. Products such as containers and light covers made by the residents are sold to resorts or tourists visiting the island.

Sports and Culture

Baa Kihaadhoo is famous within the atoll for their engagement in Soccer. All most all the young boys play soccer and island has a competitive team which plays many friendly games against nearby resorts and islands through out the year. The island hosts their Youth Cup Soccer Tournament at the end of each year where teams from Kihaadhoo competes in the tournament. Last year they had their 19th of such tournament.

Apart from the local tournament, Kihaadhoo also plays in the Atoll level tournament. Their first appearance was in 2007 Le’Cute cup held in Eydhafushi. Kihaadhoo also played in the first Baa Atoll Football Challenge held in 2012.

How to get into Baa Kihaadhoo

If you are travelling from Male, the best option is to fly to Dharavandhoo and catch the Atoll ferry to Kihaadhoo. Atoll ferry travels to and from Kihaadhoo on Saturday, Sunday, Monday , Tuesday and Thursday. There are other alternatives such as seaplanes, speed boats and local supply boats.


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